Support/ Donate

The PADs project is a non-profit, undergraduate driven research project. We want to bring our work from good ideas in a lab to actual products used in the real world. Our goals are very big but with the right support we know we can achieve them. Any intellectual, industrial or financial help that we can get would be very greatly appreciated and put to good use.

Peer/Field Support

We are in need of peer support to drive our project forward. We need to make contacts with those who might be interested in us and we need to acquire suspicious drugs for "real world" testing. We also need to make contacts with people willing and able to help us field test in some of the countries most affected by counterfeiting. 

If you are interested in aiding our efforts or know someone who is, please contact one of the people below:

        Dr. Toni Barstis - Saint Mary's College faculty research coordinator 

        Mary Bevilacqua - Saint Mary's College student research coordinator

        Dr. Marya Lieberman - Notre Dame faculty research coordinator 

Financial Support

The PADs project is connected to but still independent from both Saint Mary's College and Notre Dame University. So, we rely on the  donations of our generous funders. Every dollar goes a long way.  If you are interested in donating (even $10 helps) please click on one of the links below, fill out the form and direct the funds* to The PADs Project in the "Gift Information" section of the form.

        Saint Mary's College:

        Notre Dame University: (We are not currently able to direct funds to the Notre Dame team from this website)

*At this point in time funds must be directed to Saint Mary's and Notre Dame separately for policy reasons.

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